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Q. How do I find my GPS Unit ID?
A. (GPS 76C**): Main Menu -> Setup -> System -> Enter ->
Menu button -> Software Version
(GPS 76S): Main Menu -> System Info -> Enter

Q. Why are my color lakes are not displaying.

A. Download and install the latest GPS software from
Garmin Support link At Top of Page

Q. Can I turn off some of my GPS maps? maps?
A. Go to the maps/mapsource menu and you can
select what GPS maps you want to display.



Chad Richardson's Kansas Fishing Guide Service
North Dakota Hunting & Fishing - Interactive forums, articles and information for hunting and fishing in the upper Midwest.
Hunting Society
Fishing Society
Archery Society
Fishing Guides Home Page
The Eyes Have It
Garmin Support
Kansas Wildlife & Parks
North Dakota Game & Fish
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
South Dakota Game Fish & Parks
USACE (Kansas City District)
USACE (Missouri River)
Bureau of Reclamation
Global Mapper GIS software I use to make my Garmin GPS maps and handle all my other Data.                                                                                                                                     CaptianHooks Warehouse    In Fisgerman Website    KDWP Fishing





Sample Downloads

ND Lakes Sample B/W
ND Lakes Sample Color Sample

ND Lands Sample B/W
ND Lands Sample Color Sample

Sample data is located east of Bismarck, ND. Coordinates are available on the sample images provided on the Garmin GPS Maps page.



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